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You have read Crawford Greenwalt's 1961 speech, "Individuals and Organizations." Assume you have been invited to Princeton University in 2000 to give a response to Greenwalt's message. You have been asked to discuss how the business climate has changed since 1961, whether or not Greenwalt's original ideas still apply, in particular, how to achieve Greenwalt's vision of having ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Write out your speech. In your speech, you should of course draw on your own experience and all that we have learned this term in this class. You should no doubt tie in various themes as we have discussed them and as they relate to Greenwalt's ideas such as: communication, cunning, technology, rhetoric, timing, form, media, myth, poetry vs. profit. Pay particular attention to the ideas Greenwalt develops at the end of his address where he mentions that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Complete Greenwalt's thoughts here by showing how, given all you have learned about human communication and motivation, businesses can accomplish this feat. Of course, since this is a speech, you should also employ the techniques for effective communication that we have discussed in this class.

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